DIY Nail Designs

 Cool Nail Art Ideas

With many of the salons closed due to the pandemic it has created a need for getting new ideas for nail art and DIY nail designs that can be done at home. 

This is a really fun and interesting idea for innovative nail art: paint your base coat and let it dry, then add a clear coat and drape and loop the cotton string so that it sticks to the still wet coat. Once it has dried, top it off with another clear coat so that the string will stay in place.

Paint over a loofah for this cool two-tone look. This chic design is deceptively easy. Make your own matte polish with a little eye shadow. This topcoat makes it look like you applied meticulous polka dots. For DIY dots, just use a bobby pin. For a cool touch, just do a line of polkadots around the edge of your nail.

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If you believe you creativity and have a enchanting fashion sense, then these DIY nail art designs and ideas will help you to beautify your nails with extra.