Hydrate Hair with Homemade Conditioner

 Natural Hair Conditioner you can make from home

Restore shine and healthy hair , eliminate dryness and smooth out curls and minimize frizz

1.  Vinegar and egg conditioner

2.  Banana hair mask

3.  Coconut oil and honey conditioner

4.  Apple cider vinegar conditioner

5.  Yogurt hair conditioner

6.  Aloe Vera hair conditioner

Keep hair stronger, beneficial for hair damage. Norish the scalp for fast hair growth. Moisturizing - Coconut oil, lavender, vitamin E oil, jojoba oil, apple cider vinegar, olive oil and honey. 

Essential oil, DIY conditioner only needs four natural ingredients. Avocado and coconut oil is very nourishing to your hairCoconut Milk Conditioner Coconut milk is rich in protein and fatty acids, which makes it great for conditioning, strengthening and minimizing hair breakage.