Celebrity Makeup

More famous celebrities are choosing to start their own skincare and makeup lines to offer more choices for fans and subscribers. Here are some of the top celebs who are leading the way in the new beauty industry. Although celebrity makeup has been around for many years, the difference is that now new technology has made it easier to reach a global audience faster.

Kylie Jenner is one that comes to mind because she started her own makeup line and sold it on the internet without the help of investors, advertisers or commercial brands. It all started as something she loved to do and it turned into a billion dollar empire. With the help of her mother Kris Jenner - Kylie has broken barriers in what it means to be a solo entrepreneur. 

I think the trend has to do with the fact that when it comes to (Luxury skincare) it is a billion dollar industry and it is growing everyday. Then there is the landscape to consider which includes the fact that more social media advertising can reach a larger audience of woman and men of all ages it is changing the way people connect and share beauty tips on various products.

Do you prefer to try a product that a friend is wearing or one that a corporation is promoting?
Most likely you are one who follows your favorite TV personalities from YouTube. I have lots of videos that I like to watch of beauty reviews and I always find it reassuring to know that what I was thinking about a product is also what others are saying as well.

Group think is what it is called when 3 or more people have the same perception about a product. I think this is going to be the innovation of the future for cosmetic manufacturers who want to reach a community of consumers who are vested in the "experience" of wearing makeup not just the brand name.

Here is a list of some of the famous persons who have started their own or endorse other companies.

Gigi Hadid   - Maybelline with the Jetsetter Palette
Lilly Rose - for Chanel lip gloss
Huda Beauty - by Huda Kattan a beauty blogger and makeup artist
Jennifer Aniston - for Aveeno Moisturizer
Paris Hilton  -  launched Skincare Pro DNA
Jennifer Lopez  - represents Inglot Cosmetics
Gwyneth Paltrow -  Natural Organic Skincare - Juice Beauty Brand
Little Mix - Makeup Line LMX
Kim Kardashian - Launches KKW Beauty
Madonna - MDNA Skincare Line
Cindy Crawford - Meaningful Beauty

This list is just a sample of the many actors, actresses, singers, that I found. if you want to see a more detailed list that I put together you can check out my curation site that lets publishers create webpages for free. You can see the many names of famous people who have endorsed, wear or sell their own makeup lines. From what I have seen so far many of these companies being started are brand new and only 2 years or less since development. 

Influencers on Social Media
As you can see there are several famous celebrities who have become brand ambassadors to some of the biggest makeup cosmetic companies in the world. Just recently it was reported that Kylie Cosmetics has made Kylie Jenner a billionaire from sales on Snapchat.

The singer and actress Rihanna has made headlines for starting a makeup company called Fenty that is all inclusive of all skincare pigments from dark to light.

Also younger generations are buying makeup online by means of social media. It is this group that has gained the attention of many makeup manufacturers and distributors looking to profit off this new social experience.

Should only people with money wear makeup?

I always thought that makeup was something that woman who were sophisticated, wealthy and privileged could afford, not realizing that the scene had changed. It is not only for those with money and economical status. Due to the recession many woman are turning to cosmetics as a form of escaping their daily life routine. With makeup these men and woman can be another version of themselves.

 Interestingly when I started researching about makeup and how it is perceived in society it was surprising to find that personality development is a big part of who we are as individuals. That being said it is from this that a person will feel more confident or they will think of ways that they can improve their appearance so as to be appealing to others and to themselves.

Many of the biggest global beauty brands are having to come up with a new way to reach consumers who buy products on social media. Companies like: Olay, Avon, LOreal, Neutrogena, Nivea, Lancôme, Dove, Estee Lauder, Biore, and Shiseido are on the radar as the top beauty brands in the world. Just look at Wikipedia they have a business summary and history of how long these companies have been in business. Some have been around for over 50 years, which shows that these brands have lasted the test of time, providing quality and value to loyal consumers. What is your favorite brand? How long have you been using their products?

Why makeup is trending and how famous celebrities are turning their followers into customers

Celebrity skincare and beauty lines are receiving lots of buzz in the media right now, but why is makeup suddenly the latest trend? could it be that we are living in a generation of woman and men who put more importance on how they look than what they do? or could it be because of selfies, smartphones and the constant need to share our lives with the world while looking our best.

 I think it is the latter, mobile phones and social sharing has created a need for users to find ways to look flawless, and makeup is a tool that can help them achieve that goal. Now if you add that to the many famous faces in the world you have a perfect combination for success. Tv personalities, musicians and movie stars all have one thing in common, they are recognizable from all over the world with many fans.

Big corporations have always used them to represent their products. It is a sure fire way to make money. Lately celebrities are adding the term "entrepreneur" to their resume and are starting small businesses. One of the easiest businesses to start is a makeup product, because there is no over head everything can be stock, shipped and sold online. There is no need for a brick and mortar store. Having the global reach and immediately connectivity of the internet has turned many of these television stars into multi-millionaires over night. A good example of this is from the recent success of Fenty cosmetics from Rihanna.

Keep an eye out on this space as I am sure there will be more to come in the future of celebrity makeup collaborations

The makeup industry is starting to recognize that not all makeup is compatible with the various skin tones of consumers. 

As a person with a darker complexion I have personal experience with trying to find the right foundation, blush and eyeshadow to give me the glamorous look that I want for special occasions. Most cosmetics are distinguished by the area of the body intended for application.

Lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, lip plumper, lip balm, lip stain, lip conditioner, lip primer, lip boosters, and lip butters: Lipsticks are intended to add color and texture to the lips and often come in a wide range of colors, as well as finishes such as matte, satin, gloss and lustre. Lip stains have a water or gel base and may contain alcohol to help the product stay on leaving a matte look. They temporarily saturate the lips with a dye. Usually designed to be waterproof, the product may come with an applicator brush, directly through the applicator, rollerball, or could be applied with a finger. 
Lip glosses are intended to add shine to the lips and may add a tint of color, as well as being scented or flavored. Lip balms are most often used to moisturize, tint, and protect the lips. Some brands contain sunscreen. Using a priming lip product such as lip balm or chapstick can prevent chapped lips.

Primer is used to set the face before makeup is applied. This creates another layer between the skin to prevent acne and makeup clogging up pores. Primer creates an even tone throughout the skin and makes makeup last longer. Primer is applied throughout the face including eyes, lips, and lashes. This product has a creamy texture and applies smoothly.

Concealer covers imperfections of the skin. Concealer is often used for any extra coverage needed to cover acne/pimple blemishes, undereye circles, and other imperfections. Concealer is often thicker and more solid than foundation, and provides longer lasting, more detailed coverage as well as creating a fresh clean base for all the rest of the makeup. This product also brightens up the skin and applying under the foundation can remove blemishes and discoloration because of acne scars. Some formulations are intended only for the eye or only for the face. This product can also be used for contouring the face like ones nose, cheekbones, and jaw line to add a more defined look to the total face. In that case, adding a setting powder will add a matte finish.

Foundation is used to smooth out the face by covering spots, acne, blemishes, or uneven skin tone. These are sold in a liquid, cream, or powder, or more recently in a mousse. Foundation provides sheer, matte, dewy or full coverage. Foundation primer is applied before foundation to fill out pores, create a dewy look or create a smoother finish. They usually come in cream formulas to be applied before foundation as a base.

Face powder sets the foundation and under eye concealer, giving it a matte finish while also concealing small flaws or blemishes. It can also be used to bake the foundation, so that it stays on longer and create a matte finish. Tinted face powders may be worn alone as a light foundation so that the full face does not look as caked-up as it could.

Rouge, blush, or blusher is cheek coloring to bring out the color in the cheeks and make the cheekbones appear more defined. Rouge comes in powder, cream, and liquid forms. Different blush colors are used to complement different skin tones.

Highlight, used to draw attention to the high points of the face such as the cheekbones, below the eyebrows, nose, upper lip, and collar bones. This product also adds a glow; comes in liquid, cream, and powder forms. It often contains a substance to provide shimmer. Alternatively, a lighter-toned foundation/concealer can be used.

Bronzer gives skin a bit of color and contours the face for a sharper definition or creates a tan-look. Bronzer is considered to be more of a natural look and can be used for everyday wear. Bronzer enhances the color of the face. It comes in either matte, semi-matte/satin, or shimmer finishes.
Mascara is used to darken, lengthen, thicken, or draw attention to the eyelashes. It is available in various colors. Some mascaras include glitter flecks. There are many formulas, including waterproof versions for those prone to allergies or sudden tears. It is often used after an eyelash curler and mascara primer. Many mascaras have components to help lashes appear longer and thicker.

Eye shadow is a pigmented powder/cream or substance used to accentuate the eye area, traditionally on, above, and under the eyelids. Many colours may be used at once and blended together to create different effects using a blending brush. This is conventionally applied with a range of eyeshadow brushes, though it isn't uncommon for alternative methods of application to be used such as fingers. However, it is important to have clean fingers because oils from your skin can result in pimples

Eye liner is used to enhance and elongate the apparent size or depth of the eye. For example, white eyeliner on the waterline and inner corners of the eye makes the eyes look bigger and more awake. It can come in the form of a pencil, a gel, or a liquid and can be found in almost any color. Conversely, black eyeliner makes eyes look smaller, brightens up the face and draws attention to the eyes.

Eyebrow pencils, creams, waxes, gels, and powders are used to color, fill in, and define the brows. Popular in recent years, the "Instagram look" is creating fuller eyebrows by filling it, sharper angles, and adding gel to set it.

Nail polish is used to color the fingernails and toenails.[2] Transparent, colorless versions may strengthen nails or be used as a top or base coat to protect the nail or polish. This can be found in gloss, matte, and powder.

Setting spray is used as the last step in the process of applying makeup. It keeps applied makeup intact for long periods. An addition to setting spray is setting powder, which may be either pigmented or translucent. Both of these products claim to keep makeup from absorbing into the skin or melting off.
False eyelashes are used when exaggerated eyelashes are desired. Their basic design usually consists of human hair, mink hair, or synthetic materials attached to a thin cloth-like band, which is applied with glue to the lashline. Designs vary in length and color. Rhinestones, gems, and even feathers and lace occur on some false eyelash designs. Eyelashes can be purchased in several drug or beauty supply stores and can be applied with eyelash glue. These eyelashes are not permanent and can be taken off easily by gently taking them off with your fingers.

Contouring is designed to give shape to an area of the face. The aim is to enhance the natural shading on the face to give the illusion of a more defined facial structure which can be altered to preference. Brighter skin coloured makeup products are used to 'highlight' areas which are wanted to draw attention to or to be caught in the light, whereas darker shades are used to create a shadow. These light and dark tones are blended on the skin to create the illusion of a more definite face shape. It can be achieved using a "contour palette" – which can be either cream or powder.

Cosmetics can be also described by the physical composition of the product. Cosmetics can be liquid or cream emulsions; powders, both pressed and loose; dispersions; and anhydrous creams or sticks.

So I have found some interesting information that will be useful for all skin tones from fair to dark and everything in between. InStyle is a beauty fashion magazine and it covers the latest in celebrity style and it has really great articles and I found one that discusses makeup shades for concealer and foundation.

The most flattering colors for pale, porcelain also known as alabaster skin tones is pink, tawny and beige a good example of an actress with this skin type would be Nicole Kidman.  

Fair to medium skin tones look best with taupes and neutral colors which can be seen on actress Jennifer Aniston.  For famous actors such as Jennifer Lopez medium skin tones look best with caramel and honey makeup shades. 

Darker skin can experiment with a wider choice of colors such as bronze, copper and berry shades found on singer and actress Jennifer Hudson.