How to Keep Lipstick from Coming Off

Once you put your makeup on you will want to make sure it stays on all day. 

Probably the hardest thing to keep on is going to be your lipstick. Especially if you are drinking beverages, eating or just being able to avoid lipstick getting on your teeth.

It would be nice if you could still look fabulous after eating a juicy burger and fries but reality is that it can take some creative methods for making sure you don't leave smudges or marks on a cup or shirt collars.

Here are my top choices for "making lipstick stay on longer". Just as a side note, the best makeup brands products are going to be made with quality ingredients. When shopping for lip gloss, or lip liner choose brands that have proven to last without smearing.

1. Hydrate your lips before applying any lip makeup
2. Lip Primer is the go to product for long lasting wear
3. Matching Lip Liner as a base coat before applying lipstick
4. Choose matte sticks for thin blotting for permanent color

Other tips for achieving a lip stain look without rub off try this:
Carry some translucent powder for touch-ups along with blotting lips with napkin or tissue. As you can see the science of keeping lipstick from smudging takes some practice.

Achieve the look you want with these Recommended Products

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My best tip of the day

A favorite of mine for keeping lipstick in place is to use foundation as a base and then seal it with a powder will help keep your best lip makeup on without smearing or smudging.

How to make your own lip gloss with cosmetic starter kits, or try these ideas for making lip balm at home with these easy to follow lipstick recipes:

Thank you for reading, what are some of your best tips for long wearing lip makeup?