Face Painting Ideas

Today I wanted to discuss about how costume face painting makeup is used to decorate the face. You can find face painting design ideas online, especially with youtube. Here I share some of the video tutorials I found that are really great at teaching techniques as well as how to choose supplies for professionals and beginners.

It requires using brushes and paints that are suitable for the skin. Body art is popular and festivals and parties. Depending on the quality of the product the designs can last for several hours or many weeks. Some of the best products mentioned include: Snazaroo, Blue Squid, Artiparty, Create a Face, Bo Buggles, Mosaiz, Colorful Artco, Weebumz, Tag Split Cakes.

If you are going to a Costume party or Comic-Con event then you know how important it is for your makeup to stay on without rubbing off.

Tips on How to keep Costume Face Painting Makeup to stay on Longer

  • Make sure your skin is hydrated
  • Use professional stage makeup
  • Choose a waterproof concealer
  • Use eyeshadow base or primer
  • Use translucent powder
    Spray face with hairspray

Learn How to Use Face Paints Glitter
Video tutorial teaches how to use sponges and brushes to achieve various colors styles and designs.

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Great Face Painting Makeup Supplies Kit

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Choosing Face Paint and Brushes - Simple Guide. Most supplies for face painting include water based paints for easy removal.

All About Face Body Paint Makeup

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Uncover hidden talents with our beginners guide to face fainting; Learn how to face paint all of the kids favourites from animals to superheroes, Disney and more.

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