Trends in Personal Care Products

The global skin care market has been growing steadily for many years and is still the fastest growing segment in personal care. Facial care is by far the largest segment within skin care. Moisturizing products can improve the appearance of the skin, making it look plumper and younger. These claims form the basis of many skincare products: Nivea Creme / Creme de la mer

You will also be interested in knowing that Botanical and Herbal has overtaken moisturization as the most popular claim in skin care. Some facial wipes are already trending in the industry are booming. Anti-aging and related claims are seeing strong growth across all facial care categories. This presents a great opportunity in other product forms.

What is trending in skin care across the globe?

Todays consumers are more appearance conscious then ever. Rise of social media has resulted in limitless social interations and image based culture. Appearance is important for Millennials age 18 to 35 who live with pressure to look their  best.

Top 20 Market Claims in Face/Neck Care
Dermatologically Tested
Brightening/ Illuminating
Vitamin. Mineral Fortified
Paraben Free
Reduces Fine Lines/ Wrinkles
For sensitive skin
No Additives/Preservatives
Ethical- Environmentally Friendly Package
UV Protection

Featured Products
Barry M Get up & Glow bronzer, blusher and highlighter palette - This cosmetic palette claims to be perfect to amplify skins natural radiance and features a bronzer, blusher and highlighter in order to enhance the natural appearance of the face. Utilizing natural and nude hues ensures that the product facilitates a more natural and minimalist approach to cosmetic application.

Omorovicza Budapest Mineral Touch Concealer - This concealer is designed to provide a "picture-perfect finish" Alongside cosmetic benefits, the product also actively helps to improve the skin by containing vitamins C and E while also boosting collagen production. This solution highlights how brands can utilize the selfie trend in order to project a flawless finish in photographs.

Anti-aging has become a multidimensional concept with multiple facets:
Appearance of wrinkles
Addressing hyperpigmentation
Brightening and even skin tone

The good news is that many consumers are now embracing their age, and they want to look good for the actual age that they are with a larger focus on a preventative approach and engaging in the aging conversation at a much younger age

Alphabet creams have pioneered the new multifunctional innovation era.
Which can be seen with Age 25-34 use alphabet creams
BB - Blemish Balm
CC - Color Corrector
DD - Daily Defense
EE - Even Effect

Examples include:

1. Exfoliating srubs
2. Face mask
3. Toner
4. Cleansing wipes
5. Night cream
6. Creams and gels
7. Pore strips
8. Fade Cream
9. Moisturizers
10. Anti-agers

More Featured Products:

Estee Lauder Enlighten EE Skintone Corrector - designed to target unevenness and skin blemishes. The product is designed to give a "hint of healthy color" and minimizes the appearance of dark spots, sun spots, blemishes, redness and pores while also featuring SPF30, antioxidants and hydrating the skin.

New generation facial wipes
The selfie craze has consumers using cosmetics frequently throughout their day to provide touch-ups to their appearance, so the opportunity to offer wipes that provide a photo-ready wipe for cleansing and brightening of the skin and can help minimize pores just prior to taking pictures.

Age management - consumers are more comfortable in the age they are in but recognize that their skin has unique needs. Opportunity: offer ranges of facial wipes for each age segment:
18-35 Moisturization, environmental protection, oil control, pore minimization
35-55 Anti-oxidants, exfoliation, addresses fine lines
55+   Skin barrier repair, age spot correction, firming/collagen boosting

Surprisingly big brand makeup companies are targeting younger women to start using these age correction products "before" they start to see wrinkles.