You may have been looking for the categories section for this blog. Since this is a new blog I have not set up categories yet but I can give a summary of what types of information you can expect in the following areas:

Makeup - resource info, how to guides, tutorials, reviews on ways to use makeup types (airbrush, permanent, waterproof).

Beauty - gadgets and tools for improving appearance such as LED light therapy, or Facial compression bandages.

Skincare - this includes products that help with taking care of all types of skin areas such as eyes, lips, face, nose, legs, feet, hands, neck, elbows, knees, arms, shoulders. etc.

Accessories - here is where you will find beauty and makeup equipment for storing, carrying, cleaning, organizing, etc.

Trends - reports on the latest in technology, innovation from influencers and consumer demands.

Brands - is various companies and individuals who produce makeup and beauty products for sale.

Market - who wears makeup? target specific groups based on:
  • Gender - more men are choosing to wear makeup
  • Age -  woman over 40 versus women under 30 each wear makeup for different reasons
  • Ethnicity - women with dark skin tones look for certain characteristics in makeup brands vs woman with fairer skin tones 
  • Geographic locationthose who live in warmer climates need certain types of makeup vs. those who live in cooler climates
  • Profession - stage performers, tv personalities, fashion models, makeup artist
As you can see this list is a work in progress and just some of the topics that I want to cover with this blog, along with the history and psychological development associated with wearing makeup in various cultures around the world from skin lightening, facial hair removal and underarm bleaching.

I expect this to be a long-term research project which I hope to grow for years to come.

Thank you.