Popularity of men wearing makeup grows in the Beauty Industry

 The beauty industry has been a top influencer in Hollywood, entertainment, film and  TV across the world. The fashion runway have models of all types who share their many looks designs and creativity from makeup artists to easily reproduce on social media. Clothing designers, hair stylists, fitness gurus all know the value of a pretty face. Advertisements choose attractive people to sell and image to consumers.

Most young girls grow up wanting to improve their appearance with eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, blush and mascara. Often times carrying various makeup brands inside their purses.

Something that has been growing in recognition is the amount of young men who have embraced the habit of wearing cosmetics and makeup on a daily basis. In many industries especially on social media sites such as youtube and instagram, the number of influencers becoming brand ambassadors is growing.

Some of the top names in makeup, include: Jeffree Star, James Charles, Patrick Starr, Brett Rock, Manny Mua, Mr Fabulous just to name a few, there are many more who are social media celebrities and big name companies are taking notice.

Young men are buying makeup, nail polish, cosmetics, fragrance, getting manicures, wearing fashion, wigs, high heel shoes and accessories to wear at events, among family and friends along with creating makeup reviews on Youtube.

Men wearing makeup is'nt new, broadway play performers, actors in tv, film, news reporters, body builders, and special effects actors all have experienced various types of makeup products, Ofentimes the makeup is natural looking and un-noticeable.

Drag performers influence the makeup industry

Many of the popular looks found on famous people include the contouring, cake foundation and dramatic eye makeup is techniques used by female impersonators and drag performers who make a living singing,dancing and impersonating famous singers, such as diana ross, britney spears, lady gaga, janet jackson and more.

Younger drag performers look more like fashion models creating their own brand with creative expression that leads to a large following and fan base

Reference on how brands can use social influencers to promote brands online.   https://www.upfluence.com/blog

Famous guys who wear makeup: David Bowie, Adam Ant, Boy George, Prince, Steven Tyler, Dave Navarro, and many other rock musicians.

Fashion brands marketing to men is a growing industry for men of all ages who want to look good. Makeup can help with creating a more youthful and healthy skin.

A beauty YouTuber, commonly referred to as a "beauty vlogger", "beauty guru", "beauty influencer," or "Beautuber", is a person who creates and posts videos to YouTube about cosmetics, fashion, hair-styling, nail art, and other beauty-related topics.