The Psychology behind Makeup

Is wearing makeup shaping the way others perceive who you are. 

Scientist have written reports on the social psychology behind wearing makeup. Can cosmetics be the solution to our problems? You feel better when you wear makeup, people treat you better when you apply your favorite makeup brands.  This article will take a closer look at how a woman's attractiveness is measured.

A journal called Psychology Today did a research study to find out how differently men and woman perceive other woman who wear makeup which was rated for these three characteristics:

1. Attractiveness
2. Prestige
3. Dominance

I guess something that surprised me about the report is that other woman's assumptions is that woman who wear lots of makeup are somehow more attractive to men making her dominate and promiscuous. The results of this survey is based on the demographic that was used. So it may not be representative of how "all" women feel about other women wearing makeup. Also as far as men were concerned they felt the woman wearing makeup were more prestigious.  I was wondering if it could be due to the fact that most makeup is really expensive to buy. So could it be that men think that woman wearing cosmetics is how she shows her economic status?.

How your personality and appeal is shaped by how much or how little makeup you are wearing.

Other things to consider is that if you are going for a job interview, or work in a supervisory position in your job or work for mostly female staff, how you look is going to be different than if you were in the fashion/modeling industry where it is encouraged to be more creative in how you look.

Depending on your lifestyle "how" you wear your makeup will give others a perception of what type of personality you have. Our appearance is rated and judged by others. If we want to be appealing to the masses both men and women than it will take some experience in learning what works and what doesn't work in a social setting.

Cosmetics can enhance our appearance and improve our self-esteem

Everyone wants to look their best but the psychological benefits can play a big part in how we feel about ourselves. Cultural socialism can affect women and men when it comes to what is considered to be "Beautiful".  No matter why someone is wearing makeup it is a universal agreement that cosmetics can give the appearance of youthfulness, health and fertility. Woman who apply facial foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, and blush are more confident which makes them more attractive causing favorable social perceptions from others.

The advantages of physical beauty in society is well documented, getting a promotion, being considered for a career change, becoming the spokesperson for a brand, running a campaign or being chosen as a public speaker representing a company. Ones appearance is a deciding factor for many hiring managers and brand ambassadors.

What are your thoughts? Do you think your appearance is rated by your peers?